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Moose Hockey 6V6 Summer Series Online Tournament

                                          Summer Series Tournament Information: 

Date: Saturday, August 29th & Sunday Aug 30th 

General Information: 

  • 16 teams

  •  $150.00 USD entry fee per team

  • MAX roster size is 6-8 players

  • Payment Due In Full By: Monday Aug 24th, 2020 (No exceptions)

  • Grand Prize: $1200.00 USD cash prize to the winning team!

  • Bracket-style tournament with a best of 3 matchups for each round (Finals is best of 5)

  • This tournament will be played on XBOX ONE Console. 

  • This tournament is required to be live stream (Twitch, Youtube or Facebook Gaming) 

  • All Games will be monitored by Moose Hockey League ( 

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Tournament Schedule: 
Day 1: Saturday Aug 29th, 2020 

o Round of 16

Saturday starting at 3pm est.

  • 4 series start at 3pm est.

  • 4 series start at 5pm est

o Round of 8
Saturday starting at 7pm est.

  • 2 series start at 7pm est.

  • 2 series start at 9pm est.

Day 2: Sunday August 30th, 2020 

o Round of 4 (Semi-Finals)

Sunday starting at 3pm est.
1 series start at 3pm est.
1 series start at 5pm est.

o Round of 2 (Finals)
Sunday 9pm est.

MHL Season 43 Sign Ups!

Moose Hockey League Season 43 sign ups are now open!

The Moose Hockey League plays 4 nights a week. Mondays, Tuesday's, Wednesday's, and Thursday's
MHL plays 2 games each night with 8 games each week. Games are played back to back at 9:00PM EST and 9:30PM EST. MHL members post the games they are available for each week, full time players are expected to play from 4-6 games each week. Part time players are expected to play from 1-3 games each week.

*New members will want to join the MHL discord server* Discord is were our community can be found, along with scouting games, 12s lobby, and more. Being involved in scouting games and the community chat, is your best chance to be drafted.

**NOTICE** Moose Hockey League requires a minimum Xbox gamerscore of 1500. The MHL reviews all sign
ups and xbox gamertags, invalid or false information, will result in removal
from the draft and community.

*All players not drafted during the MHL draft will be automatically be placed in free agency.*

*Scouting is Mandatory for players, if asked by any team management*

Moose Hockey League Rules

MHL Code of Conduct

**Season 43 Draft Sunday August 16, 2020 @ 7:00pm EST**

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