Frequently asked questions

Are there any placement incentives or bonus for Battle Royale tournaments?

Scoring and Ranking (Placement) bonus will always be provided in the specific tournament rules.

How do I sign up for a tournament?

To sign up for a Battle of The Burgh Tournament you need to click or visit our Events Web Page ( to gather the Tournament Information to complete booking.

What happens after I sign for a tournament?

Step #1- After signing up and we recieve payment, you will recieve email confirmation/ or text message from us. Step #2- Closer to the Tournament Date you will recieve Team/individual Rules by email and will be notified a schedule date from Battle of The Burgh Management Team to ask any question in regards to any rules or question you may have.

What information is needed to sign up for a tournament?

Individual Tournaments Sign Up Requirements: *First and Last Name *Email Address *Phone Number *Gamer Tag *Are you a semi or pro player? (Yes or No) *Twitch Account Name (For Online Tournaments) Team Tournament Sign Up Requirements: *First and Last Name (Team Leader) *Email Address of Team Leader *Phone Number of Team Leader *Gamer Tag of Team Leader (Team Leader Must send other Team Members Gamer Tags via Text) *Are you or any of your Team members a semi or pro player? (Yes or No) *Twitch Account Name (For Online Tournaments)

What Payments of Method are accepted?

We accept online payments such as paypal, major credit/debit cards and cash app. Cash App-$BOTB412

When are Stats and Ranking Posted?

Stats and Rankings are always posted 24-48 hours after the scheduled Tournament Date. We always posted highlights and updates on our social media page.

What time slots are available?

Available Time Slots are located on our web page under "Book Online" then Click "Book Now" for the particular tournament of interest. All Available Time Slots will appear then you may select the time slot that you want.

Are there any semi or pro players entering?

Participants are required to inform Battle of The Burgh if any players are semi or pro players. Battle of The Burgh will not discriminate against any players. If the Team or Player doesn't inform Battle of The Burgh of this "Player Status" prior to the Tournament. The Team or Player will automatically be disqualified and all sales are Final. Battle of The Burgh will notify or make participants aware semi or pro players are competing in the tournament via social media as soon as management is aware of such circumstances.

Will Twitch Accounts of Competition Be Provided?

As of June 1st, Battle of The Burgh will provide Twitch Accounts/Links of the competition prior to the scheduled tournament date.

What happens if your game goes over your Time Limit?

If your scheduled to play for time slots for example "10am-11am" (one-hour slots), please consider Battle of The Burgh will be keeping track of your time using a "timer". These hour time slots are impacted by pauses to capture scores and lobby times, then resumed once gameplay begins again. In the circumstances that you go over your specifiic time slot limit (10am-11am) you will be able to finish your "last" game regardless if your over the time slot limit. *FYI- Time Start, Resume and Paused information will be provided in the Team Leader or Individual Rules.

During these time limit tournaments, who times the tournament games?

Battle of the Burgh will track times and update the participant via text or Twitch message of the time left.

Is it just First Place that gets a prize?

If Battle of The Burgh doesn't publish a second place prize on the flyer, website or social media. There will only be a First Place Winner Takes All Grand Prize.

Where is the tournament information located?

All Current and Upcoming Tournament information will be provided on our webiste under the "Events" Tab. ( In addition to our website, Battle of the Burgh will broadcast current tournament information on all social media platforms, (instagram, Facebook & Twitter) as post and story post. instagram-BattleoftheBurgh412 Facebook: Battle of The Burgh 412 Twitter: @BBurgh412 *Upcoming Tournament information will have a form of interest for participants to fill out for future tournaments.

Do I or any of my Teammates have to be from Pittsburgh to participate in the Tournamanent?

No. Battle of The Burgh welcomes and encourages all gamers to participate in any tournaments hosted by us.

Is the Grand Prize subjected to change?

All Battle of The Burgh Tournament Prize Pool are subjected to change (increase) based on number of entries. Prize Pool are set based on our average entries on prior tournament statistics. As we grow as a company and we acquire sponsors and our volume increases we will always keep "The Gamers" first in every aspect of our company strategies.